Finding Your Career Path?
Are you planning for your first career? Do you wish to change careers and need a place to begin? Has something changed in your personal life that will make it necessary to change your current career path?

Career Test

Assessing Your Skills?

We are all unique individuals with very different strengths, therefore career assessment tests help us identify personal traits that match skills and competencies for various fields of work. Your talents, abilities, values, likes and dislikes are all measured to narrow down the choices to jobs that fit your lifestyle interests. Once your skills are aligned to the appropriate career, we will guide you through the various courses and schools to get where you want to be in life. Get started on improving your career today!

What to Study?

Exploring different college majors and education options is part of the tenuous process in deciding what school you should apply to. This stressful and time-consuming decision of choosing a course of study will indelibly affect the outcome of your future, therefore such task should not be taken lightly. Our in-depth information will help you navigate through the careers that spark your interest and will expertly guide you in your life-changing decision.

Finding Your Career Path?

Are you venturing out into the workforce for the first time? Do you want to change careers and need a place to start that search? Has something changed in your personal life that makes it necessary for you to reevaluate your current career path? My New Degree will assist you in that journey of self-discovery by providing relevant educational information and resources, and hopefully alleviate some of the pressures brought on by such a stressful undertaking.
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